Technology and the Start-up Business

Many start-up businesses start within a room or a garage and then bloom over time. However, in today’s cut-throat competition, IT is a need that should be met from the beginning. Expand IT understands this need of the start-up sector and believes in working to provide them the right support. With immense understanding and experience in the IT industry, our extensive knowledge of IT support and services can be of good value for any start-up.

Advanced cybersecurity

While many start-ups use desktop computers, those aren’t the only medium used to enter work and access it. Several people now access work from their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. All of this creates room for good cybersecurity. Expand IT can provide advanced cybersecurity to start-ups so they can work with the knowledge that their data is safe.

Your company without a cybersecurity system in place can be an easy target for hackers and even competitors. Expand IT cybersecurity team does vulnerability assessments to detect threats and deal with them immediately.

Help desk and user support

Expand IT has an IT team with in-depth technical knowledge of IT. Often times, companies have deadlines to meet and their systems start acting up. It becomes a race against time. Start-ups can face this problem more often than other organizations as they’re new in the business. With Expand IT as your help desk and user support; you will have happy employees leading to happy customers.

Every start-up is different and with these services, we can optimize what works best for them. Technology is complex and startups specifically don’t have enough funds to fire full-time experts for their IT needs. That’s where we enter the picture; we focus on IT support so you can focus on your work.

Networking and VoIP

IT infrastructure has to be smooth and seamless and this goes for all organizations. IT services are no longer seen as a cost rather an investment that enables start-ups to work better and within secure and safe systems. Years of experience and accreditations have made our system unparalleled and complete with end-to-end capabilities. With us managing your networking, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Web Filtering and Content Control
  • Remote Application Access
  • VoIP and Video Conferencing
  • Server, network and application monitoring
  • Remote user access, office connectivity

Customized plan to meet needs

We understand that start-ups might vary in the kind of IT services that they need. So, we provide them customized solutions that address their concerns rather than coming up with a one plan fits all strategy. It has allowed us to help more and more start-ups and give them the necessary knowledge about cybersecurity and IT support. Besides our deep and broad skill set, we can solve even the most complex IT problems in minimal time.

With Expand IT as your partner, you can work in peace knowing that your It support is in the safest and experienced hands. You will get to work with our experienced technical experts that will get work done right the first time. Additionally, you will have an up-to-date and working IT infrastructure with optimal cybersecurity. So, take us on board today!