Storage & Backup Services

Secure storage is no laughing matter and per-gigabyte costs of hard drive storage have never been cheaper. You might think that all of this is inexorably moving to the cloud; however there is no one-size-fits-all model that works for every business. Cloud storage can be costly and slow compared to local options. That is why at Expand IT we work with you to strategize just what is right for your business. Call us today for a performance audit and we can show you just where your investments are best made.

Direct Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage
Disaster protected Storage
Cloud Storage & Private Cloud Storage
RAID 5, 6 and Redundant Storage

Remote access archiving
Permission access control
Disaster Preparedness
Performance Audits
Business Continuity Planning

  • Server Installation & Support

    Our certified technicians provide the expertise necessary for everything you need to run a network. Instead of reinventing this wheel,...

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  • Database Services

    We're the experts in Database and Application planning, installation, backup, customization and support. Moreover, our broad range of services enables...

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  • Server, Network & Application Monit

    Monitoring applications, servers, network security & uptime should be on the top priority list of every business owner/operator. We've identified...

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  • Server Hosting & Co-Location

    One of the primary methods to insure access to your critical server services is to host at a Co-Location facility...

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  • Remote User Access, Office Connectivity

    Remote office and user connectivity and security of data transmission are some of the essential requirements for every business today,...

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  • Remote Backup Services

    We understand every business has different priorities and requirements for onsite and remote backups, that's why we use a selective...

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  • Backup & Recovery Services

    Our system and hardware experts can provide you with planning, customization and support and recovery services for remote/onsite backups as...

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