Public Sector

Local governments are now held to even higher standards than before. It has pushed the public sector to up their ante and be more transparent about their work. It requires the public sector to invest in IT services. All of this requires the public sector to invest more in IT support and services. Expand IT can be the perfect partner for the public sector in elevating their IT systems by providing the needed support.

Why choose Expand IT

Expand IT has been working in the IT sector for quite some time. Accumulation of expertise and accreditations have given us an edge that is unparalleled in the IT industry. IT can work as the perfect innovative solution to bridge the gap between the requirements and the existing supply of IT. At Expand IT, there are several services that we provide to the public sector.

Providing cybersecurity for public sector

Public sector companies can be under a serious threat of theft and attack from outside forces. Hence, cybersecurity is important for them. Expand IT can provide these public sector companies the necessary cybersecurity and protection. Additionally, Expand IT is equipped to assess pain points in cybersecurity and recommend immediate action to fix them.

With the guidance from our experts, you can make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity and be better equipped and prepared to deal with hackers. Our cybersecurity is not limited to your servers but extends to workstations, laptops, mobile/tablet and internal/external communication devices.

Help desk and user IT support

It is not an easy feat for IT companies to provide 24*7*365 user support. However, Expand IT has proven its expertise in managed user support. We provide comprehensive services in help desk and user IT support. These are the services that can help public sector companies outperforming their competitors.

  • Managed User
  • Public- Kiosk PC Solutions
  • Help and desk services
  • Remote application access
  • Anti-spam solutions

It is a time-consuming task to support end-users. Expand IT takes care of it so that companies can focus on their primary goals. Your public sector company can work with ease knowing that your employees have a 24*7 availability of IT support. It can be a boosting factor and will enable employees to work more steadily towards achieving the company’s goals.

Connectivity for workforce

Public sector companies need frameworks and communication structures that make it easy and safe to stay connected all the time. Expand IT offers a cost-effective system that provides safe and scalable communication. We believe in promoting a greener lifestyle for all companies in the public and private sector. One way to do so is by providing remote office and user connectivity along with the security of data transmission.

It experts at Expand IT can provide you with proper planning and capacity. Additionally, our experts can also install, optimize and support remote users and office locations across the country and even the world to give you the space to focus primarily on your business.

So, take us on board as your strategic partner providing advanced and safe IT solutions to take your company to the next level.