Work for the Greater Good while We Manage IT Services for You!

Are you a non-profit working for the greater good looking for IT support? Expand IT is here to help you by providing state-of-the-art IT solutions. Non-profit organizations do the work of God. Expand IT can be your perfect strategic partner so you can focus on your work while we manage IT services for you.

Our Experience with Non-Profit Organizations

With experience surpassing many years working with the non-profit sector providing IT solutions, we have learned one thing – every non-profit is different. Hence, we don’t promote uniforms solutions for everyone when we know that every non-profit has a different range of needs for IT services. We understand the pain points of IT services that non-profits can face and we are here to provide solutions.

Why pick Expand IT as your trusted IT service partner?

We already mentioned our experience of working with the non-profit sector. However, there are a few other reasons that make us your first choice of IT partner.

Effective IT solutions within budgets

We understand that non-profit organizations work for a greater cause. With limited resources and bigger goals, effective budgeting is essential for non-profit organizations. Experts at Expand IT work tirelessly to make sure that every penny you spend on IT services is well worth and accounted for. We have partnerships with leading providers. It allows us to make sure our clients save on their day-to-day technological purchases.

Our mission is to create long-term customer partnerships and help them with their objectives via the use of our extensive IT support and IT services. Work with us so we can optimize your existing IT infrastructure and create a roadmap to improve your IT service.

Remain ahead in the competition

A strategic partner that facilitates IT services can be your competitive edge to remain ahead of the competition in this cut-throat environment. Expand IT can provide you that advantage and help you in staying ahead of the competition and closer to your mission.

From creating an app to a web custom portal or database management services – we can do it for you. Additionally, we can give you the tools to understand the importance of IT services and the impact as well.

Keeping your data safe – Storage and backup services

Database of members and donors is most important for a non-profit organization. Expand IT has been working with non-profits for years and keeping their data safe and secure. Hackers and hacking threats can negatively impact non-profits. Hence, we are here to provide cybersecurity for your data. Additionally, we also make sure that your data is backed up periodically and stored in a safe place that can be only reached via authorized access.

We understand that secure storage is a serious issue and the cost of storage per gigabyte on the hard drive has never been cheaper. However, we believe in assessing the needs of the business and then suggesting storage actions as per the needs. Following are the storage services that we provide;

  • Direct attached storage
  • Network-attached storage
  • Disaster protected storage
  • RAID 5, 6, and redundant storage

Cloud storage and Private cloud storage