Effective IT Support and Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies need IT solutions to avoid bumps in manufacturing and ensure that everything is streamlined. Expand IT understands the requirement of IT solutions for manufacturing companies. We have been putting the technical knowledge and expertise of our experts to good use y assisting manufacturing companies and by providing them timely solutions.

Expand IT – IT solutions for manufacturing companies

Whether your company has an existing IT team or is looking forward to outsourcing it – we can help. We can work with your IT team to lend them a hand in various tasks. From large-scale installations to support for an existing team or dealing with customers, we can do it all.

We have been providing IT support and services to the manufacturing industry for more than two decades. Additionally, several factors make us the preferred choice of the manufacturing industry.

Server Installation and Support

We have a team of certified technicians that are ready to solve any problem that can happen with your server. From installation to update and security for your server, all could be done by our expert technicians. We understand the importance of an updated and protected server. Hence, we update and back it up on regular basis. It allows your server to run in optimal conditions.

From secure web-based file transport solutions to virtualization, and protection from viruses, malware, and spam – we do it all for our clients.

Decrease cost with Expand IT

As mentioned that many manufacturing firms often prefer outsourcing their IT services. With Expand IT as your outsourced partner, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of C-level technical knowledge while reducing your overall costs. Expand IT works with the bottom line to help you make your business prosper and move in the right direction.

Migration on cloud

Irrespective of the size of your manufacturing business, Expand IT can help with complete migration to the cloud effortlessly. We can also provide you tailored and customized migration services to fit your needs and help your business flourish.

Maintain your production with our IT services

Consistent support of IT services is vital to ensure that production is done seamlessly without any hiccups. Expand IT as your strategic partner can be beneficial in more than one way. Our knowledge of the IT industry and the way it works in the manufacturing business can help your team with learning better work practices.

Protect your Data

Companies and their employees need to understand the fragility of data. Expand IT can help protect your data and provide cybersecurity. Additionally, we can help your team in learning the safest practices and then their implementation within work. We can also highlight pain points and areas in need of improvement within your existing framework. Keep your company safe from jeopardizing circumstances by taking us on board as your strategic partners.

Expand IT has been in the IT industry for quite some time and knows the ins and outs of work well. We work with the bottom line to make IT safe, accessible, and manageable for our clients.