Healthcare IT Support Services

Optimized IT Infrastructure for Healthcare Organizations


The healthcare industry in the United States has been facing significant challenges since the start of the pandemic three years ago. The recovery of prior service levels and the need for restructuring administrative capabilities are now at the forefront of all healthcare organizations’ concerns, from small clinics to large municipal hospitals.


Expand IT has a 15-year track record of providing low-cost and high-efficiency IT solutions for healthcare organizations all across the San Francisco Bay area. We have learned the unique challenges and compliance requirements that clinics and hospitals face every day and tailor our services to meet each organization’s specific needs.


Technical Services for Healthcare


Doctors and other healthcare professionals need dependable software and a secure system to best serve their patients. Many scenarios require quick analysis of disease patterns cross-referenced with patient medical history to prevent a worsening of their condition. Expand IT can provide a high-quality infrastructure to ensure that all critical data is instantly available whenever needed.


Cloud-Based Patient Data Security


With cyber-attacks on the rise, it’s critically important for all healthcare organizations to secure the personal data of their patients. Breaches in healthcare systems are a leak of a patient’s most intimate and personal data. With secure cloud systems on hand, and certified HIPAA compliant technicians maintaining them, Expand IT can help prevent such breaches from ever happening. Different organizations require different solutions, and over the years, Expand IT has crafted secure cloud storage solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes. We understand how critical the security of patient data is for both HIPAA compliance and the reputation of an organization.


Streamline Clinic and Hospital Administrative Workload


Although the primary focus of all healthcare organizations is the quality of care they give to their patients, the role of administrative staff is just as important to its smooth operation. Expand IT can provide the most up-to-date and efficient technical solutions needed to keep billing and staffing functions running while meeting the required HIPAA compliance standards.


The role of information technology in modern healthcare systems has never been more important. With Expand IT as your outsourced technology provider, you have a dedicated partner in the secure and efficient operation of your clinic or hospital. Contact us today so that we can analyze your unique needs and tailor a solution that best serves your organization.


The Smart Choice for Healthcare Providers


Medical practices are prime targets for cybercrime. Due to strict HIPAA compliance requirements, a security breach could mean fines, lawsuits, and loss of reputation. Expand IT does more than provide premier IT services. We improve a business’s security at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time team, and we do it with the best customer service in the Bay Area. We have a team of solution experts who are all ISACA-certified and specifically trained to assist healthcare industry professionals.


HIPAA Compliant IT Support Services for Healthcare Providers


With Expand IT, you have 24/7 availability, just like your healthcare facility. Whether it’s a virus, network outage, or cyber-attack, Expand IT will always have an efficient and quick solution ready for you. A HIPAA violation is considered the death penalty for healthcare providers. Consequences could include fines, lawsuits, as well as a loss of reputation that may never be regained. With cyber-attacks on the rise, hiring an outsourced IT team can ensure the nightmare of a HIPAA violation never becomes a reality.


Lowered Monthly Expenses


In-house IT is not a lower-cost option. Factor in salary costs, benefits, and training, and you’re paying for way more than what you actually need. With Expand IT, only pay for what you need when you actually need it.