Healthcare IT Support Services

Transform your Patient’s IT Health Experience

Healthcare today is more important than ever. It is the need of the time. So, it makes sense to invest in healthcare. One often overlooked aspect of healthcare is the maintenance of healthcare systems and their IT support. Expand IT understands the need for IT in healthcare – with experience of many years in the IT sector, we can provide unparalleled IT support. Do you work in healthcare and can do with a better system? We are here to help at every step!

Why choose Expand IT

Healthcare IT providers must follow strict compliance requirements. At Expand IT, we are adept at keeping up with all the necessary guidelines and requirements. We offer a range of IT health services along with a suite of security services to keep your data safe and uncompromised. Additionally, we can customize these services to best fit your requirements.

Healthcare IT Services that we provide

Healthcare Data Analytics

Many doctors and hospitals without the right system and software in place are unable to save patients and identify disease patterns before time. With Expand IT and assembling and maintain each patient’s data in one place, doctors can analyze the patient’s history much better.  Online and easy availability of patient’s data at one place gives doctor’s the ease to study all today in co-relation and give plan effective treatment for the patient.

Protection and security of Healthcare data – Cloud services

Without the support of IT, the healthcare system is at the risk of breach of data and hacking of confidential patient and research data. It can be the biggest nightmare for any hospital or healthcare system. However, with our safe and trustworthy software and services, your data will remain safe from theft and hackers.

Manage and secure all your servers and devices with our antivirus and malware protection programs. Our solutions are guaranteed to provide success and keep your networks and devices safe from malware.

Cloud storage services – Keep the patients information safe and streamlined

There are different kinds of cloud services that can be in need by different hospitals. We provide an array of storage services to keep the data safe and away from hackers. These are a few of the services that we provide;

  • Direct attached storage
  • Network-attached storage
  • Disaster protected storage
  • Cloud storage and private cloud storage
  • RAID 5, 6, and redundant storage

Handling of Hospital’s Administrative Workload – Streamlining the information

The use of IT is not limited to patient care but it is a fundamental part of the administrative workload as well. A hospital with a smooth and up-to-date administrative system will always be better than one on the brink of collapse. With our IT Support Company, hospitals can run smoothly and manage the administration efficiently without any chaos.

Our tools and applications are here to make it easy and seamless for hospitals to manage their workload and optimize it.

Healthcare and information technology go hand-in-hand – The future of healthcare belongs to Information technology. With Expand IT by your side, the healthcare sector has a strong advantage to provide better patient care, reduce costs and effectively manage resources.